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Name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP K12)
Abbreviation: Povidone K12
CAS number: 9003-39-8; Molecular formula: (C6H9NO)n
Purity: 99% above; Appearance: White powder
Model: PVP K12
PVPK12 is a low molecular weight polymer polymerized with N-vinylpyrrolidone as monomer. The K value ranges from 10.2 to 13.8, and the weight average relative molecular weight ranges from 2000 to 6000. The polymer is mainly used as a cosolvent for some insoluble drugs and cosmetic ingredients, which can enhance the solubility of related active medicinal ingredients, prevent crystallization or precipitation, reduce solution viscosity, increase its biological activity, etc. The product quality of PVP K12 produced by Jingcheng meets the requirements of the current United States Pharmacopoeia USP31 and European Pharmacopoeia EP6.
Brand: Anhui Kingcham
Uses: cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical excipient materials
Certificates: ISO Quality System, USP, BP, EP pharmacopoeia certification, etc.
Storage: store in a cool, dry place
Shelf life: 2 years
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As one of the three main synthetic polymer excipients, polyvinylpyrrolidone has a wide and close influence on the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs in this product. Soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone K12 (PVPK12) is one of the main categories of polyvinylpirolidone, soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone K12, as a linear homopolymer made of n-vinyl-2-pirolidone (NVP) as a monomer. PVP K12 can be used not only as a cosolvent, stabilizer, film forming agent, emulsifier and other auxiliary preparations, but also as a carrier to wrap drugs to achieve delivery and release of drugs in the body. Polyvinylpyrrolidone, powder or aqueous solution, easily soluble in water, alcohol, amine and halogenated hydrocarbons, insoluble in acetone, ether, etc. It has a good solubility, biocompatibility, physiological inertia, film forming, membrane protection ability and a variety of organic and inorganic compound ability. It is stable to acid, salt and heat, so it has a wide range of applications. Low molecular weight PVP K12 has very good film formation, PVP K12 soluble in some solvents such as water, methanol, ethanol, etc., can be poured or coated into a film, low molecular weight PVP K12 has strong water absorption and moisturizing properties, often used in skin care cosmetics. Due to its strong dispersion and solubility, low molecule PVP K12 has a good dispersion effect, which can prevent particles from aggregating and precipitating. Besides, PVP K12 can increase the solubility of many substances in aqueous solution.

Application: It is widely used in pharmaceutical excipients, cosmetic excipients, detergent raw materials and other fields.


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