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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Management responsibility

Anhui Kingcham is always keen to lead the chemical industries and update the technology by connecting the market need follow it with the responsibility. We drive forward the transparency and sustainability of our suppliers and help our customers meet their sustainability targets. In collaboration with them, we want to develop further products and solutions for resource-efficient and environmentally compatible applications. We aim to gain the most accurate possible insight into our business's sustainability challenges and opportunities. We focus especially on market trends and future market developments along the value chain. 
Our company has passed the ISO9001, quality management system certification. Kingcham is currently actively preparing for the ISO14001, environmental management system, and ISO45001, occupational health and safety management system certification. By upgrading the organizational structure, position setting, responsibilities, procedures, and operation, achievements are made in personnel, workplaces, equipment and facilities, business items, and environmental impacts. We adhere to the macro-management concept, quality assurance, environmental protection, customer satisfaction, and corporate benefit.
Kingcham actively promotes the three-system certification, showing to the whole society that it pursues the goal of "zero defect" in quality, "zero-emission" in the environment, and "zero accident" in safety. Kingcham puts customers, society, and employees at the core.
We respond to our stakeholders' renewed interest in sustainability with thorough transparency and well-founded assessments. In doing so, we consider ecological, social, and economic implications for arriving at a comprehensive assessment of our sustainability performance.

Practice Social Responsibility

To create a century-old enterprise, Anhui Kingcham is committed to providing leading technology, excellent quality products, R & D, manufacturing, and sales of the world's best powder coating additives in the continuous pursuit of human being.
Manufacturing excellent powder coating additives can not be separated from the excellent team; we have a young and energetic team. We believe in innovation, encourage experimentation, mutual respect, care, integrity, and responsibility, and are open to fresh perspectives and experiences. Research and development of new powder coating additives expand new business areas is one of the main ways to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, through technological innovation, the corresponding for the enterprise to cultivate a group of technical elites and business experts, complement each other, mutual benefit and win-win. Whether it is the intensification of market competition, the requirements of the product life cycle theory, or changes in consumer demand, the need for a steady stream of new products not only enhance the quality of cadres enhance the technical content and brand image of enterprises but also in line with the national economic policy of energy conservation and environmental protection. Reduce industry costs, improve production efficiency, new products from research and development, production to the market; every link is full of opportunities and challenges, in the whole closed-loop, the formation of enterprise-centered, teamwork as the radius of the corporate culture circle, creating not afraid of difficulties and hard work of the spirit of enterprise.
Kingcham has always been committed to technological innovation and constantly strengthens its close cooperation with colleges and universities. We develop industry-leading products that help customers reduce production costs and improve product quality with breakthroughs in key technologies. At the same time, we also pay attention to the technical bottlenecks encountered by customers, actively explore new service models, and help customers develop new technologies to solve specific problems. R & D is a kind of innovation and responsibility that benefits the company, repays society, and is our continuous pursuit.

Kingcham is the leading global supplier of innovative powder coating additive companies that combine R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service.








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