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First, Innovative projects.

M-80 polyester resin

It is a high acid value polyester resin, which is applied in the outdoor HAA powder coating system, with HAA curing agent and conventional outdoor polyester co-extrusion, can prepare powder coatings from lightless to matte gloss section, which solves the industry problem that the HAA system is difficult to matte.

Low temperature curing matting agent

The reduction of the curing temperature of powder coatings can save the cost downstream of the industry and respond to the national policy call for energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, the development of low-temperature curing matting agents can also better expand the application range of low-temperature curing powder coatings.

Synthesis of nano-oxides

Nowadays, the application prospects of nano-oxides are very broad, and our company has also optimized the synthesis process of nano-zinc oxide, nano-titanium oxide, nano-lanthanum oxide, and other nano-oxides and expanded the industrial synthesis method of a variety of nano-oxides.

Surface modification of nano-oxides

Nano-oxides have various excellent properties but are also limited by the characteristics of easy agglomeration, so the surface modification of nano-oxides is also a very important research direction in the practical application direction of nano-oxides.

Second, sustainable development.

Third, University cooperation materials.

1. Signed a cooperation agreement with Professor Yu Zhentao of Nanjing University.
2. Signed a long-term testing contract with the University of Science and Technology of China.
3. We signed a cooperative development contact with the Fu Hua team of Tsinghua university.

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