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Anhui Kingcham New Materials Co., Ltd.
Anhui Kingcham New Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional powder coating additive manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company is headquartered in Hefei Municipal Affairs District of Anhui Province. The factory is located in Huainan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province. Anhui Kingcham is young and enthusiastic. It has 17 marketing branches throughout the country. The company has independent import and export rights, and some products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Quality is the base of our dignity! Anhui Kingcham firmly believes that quality is the foundation of the company. We are committed to developing excellent products that are leading in the industry and contributing to the development and progress of the powder coating industry!
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matting agent Matting agent for Polyester/TGIC powder coatings
For polyester/TGIC powders ,provide above 5%(60°) of gloss. Good matting property and better scratch resistance, impact property and gloss stability than polyester/GMA matting system
Polyester Tgic White Powder Coating Matting agent in polyester and TGIC powder coatings
For polyester/TGIC powders,provide above 10%(60°) of gloss. Good gloss-reducing property. Good gloss stability. Provide good flow, anti-yellowing and fineness surface.
Degassing Agent Degassing agent for aluminum alloys
KC9700 is micronized, modified wax. It has an outstanding effect on porous substrates.To reduce the surface tension, to reduce pinholes and air bubbles happen. Especially for cast iron, cast aluminum,Galvanized sheet, and aluminum alloy substrate have excellent defoaming effectKC9700 suit for Polyester/TGIC, Polyester/ β-HAA,、Polyester/Epoxy, and Acrylic powder system
Degassing Agent Degassing agent for galvanized steel plate
Significantly improved degassing of the porous substrates, increased scratch resistance. Good anti-yellowing performance. Alternative of Ceraflour 961 from BYK. Especially suitable for galvanized steel plate, cast iron. Can be used by dry blending.
Acrylic Matt Powder Coatings China Matting Agent with Additive for Hybrid Powder Coatings
For hybrid powders, provide above 3%(60°) of gloss. Wax-free type. It reacts with epoxy as 1:2.3. Good anti-yellowing and impact resistance properties. Outstanding storage stability.
Matting Agent For Polyester Resin White Matt Hardener Matting Agent For Hybrid / Polyester
For hybrid powders, provide above 10%(60°) of gloss.Contain a waxy component. It reacts with epoxy as 1:1.3. Good storage stability ,anti-yellowing and impact resistance properties.
Sand  Texture Agent Sand Texture Agent KC4700A
Fine granule texture agent, high purity. The texture has strong sense of bump, matte surface, smooth and good scratch resistance.Texture Agent
Charge  Enhancing Agent Charge Enhancing Agent KC3020
Enhance the conductivity. Leak away the surface electric charge of the workpiece in time when spraying. Thereby overcoming the electrostatic shielding effect, so that it is easy to be coated at the inner surface and corners.
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Axalta Develops Ganicin, New Zinc-Rich Coating System
Axalta Coating Systems has introduced Ganicin, a zinc-rich, corrosion-resistant coating system for the general industrial segment.
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    Matt and Semi-matt Powder Coatings
    The use of matt and semi-matt powder coatings account for more than 40% of all powders for interior and exterior applications. Such low gloss coatings are demanded for both decorative and architectural purposes. Undesired light reflectance can be reduced , when matt or semi-matt coatings are used. I...
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    Matting Additives For Powder Coatings
    Matting additives (or additive matting agents) are defined by Bate as products, which have been designed to reduce the gloss of a powder coatings, without interfering with the systems (which involve chiometry. That means, neither matting hardeners, not chemical matting systems (which involve mixing ...
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