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Ultraviolet Absorbent

Excellent weathering properties, with the features of light color, tasteless, non-toxic, good compatibility. Protective effect for polymers and be helpful for the decrease the loss in color, delaying yellowing and block the loss of physical property.
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UV absorber KC1310 is the phenyl ketone compound, it can absorb 240~360 nm wavelength, it has the greatest protective effect for the

 polymer, and helps to reduce the color, while it can delay yellowing and restraining loss of physical properties. It is widely used 

in powder coating, polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy and rubber products and other products, and it can provid good light stability.

1. Technical parameters

Ø Appearance: light yellow or white crystalline powder

Ø Density: 1.20g/cm3

Ø Content: ≥99%

Ø Volatile matter: ≤0.5%

2. Product feature

Ø It has a light color, non-toxic, migration of small, easy processing characteristics.

Ø Have good compatibility with the resin, low volatility and strong UV absorption.

3. Dosage 

This product is used by added to involve in extrusion, The use level is 0.1~0.5% by weight based on total formula.

4. Packaging and storage

Packaging with the cardboard drum. Net weight 25kg per drum.Sealed packaging, storing in a cool and dry place, reasonable storage shelf life

 of this product is at least 2 years.

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