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Used for Carboxyl polyester and Carboxyl acrylic resin based powder coatings. Good weatherability resistance and anti-yellowing of film.
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TGIC (1,3,5-Triglycidyl Isocyanurate) is a heteropolycyclic oxides, with good heat resistance, weather resistance, adhesiveness and excellent high temperature resistance properties. It is mainly used as curing agents of powder coatings such as carboxyl polyester and carboxyl acrylic resin. High purity TGIC can be used to make electrical insulating laminates, adhesives, plastics stabilizers and so on.

1. Technical  Parameters

Ø  Appearance:White particle or powder        Mp:90-110℃

Ø  Epoxy equivalent:≤110mol/100g          Viscosity:≤100CP120℃

Ø  Epichlorohydrin:≤50ppm                Volatile content:≤1.0%

Ø  Chlorine content:≤1.5%

2. Product  application

Ø   The curing mechanism of polyester / TGIC powder coating is that polyester resin containing carboxyl groups carring out the ring-open addition reaction with TGIC's glycidyl groups to achieve crosslinking and film curing. Because of no volatile generation during the film curing reaction, the polyester/TGIC powder coating can be made non-porous thick film.

Ø  TGIC is a cyclic multi-oxygen compound; its stable epoxy structural determines that film curing polyester has excellent weather resistance. Inexpensive and excellent weather resistance of the polyester/TGIC powder coatings render its characteristics of outdoor widely used.

Ø  TGIC has good compatibility with the carboxyl polyesters which belong to terephthalic acid-neopentyl glycol-trimellitic anhydride polymers. The acid range of carboxyl polyesters is 30-70, softening point is 70-110℃ and hydroxyl groups0-5.

3. Formulations













Credit agent



Titanium dioxide



Ultrafine barium sulfate

Qingdao Dongfeng





4. The recommended dosage

The use level is 7~8% by weight of polyester resin,Please according to the test to determine the specific amount.

5. Package & Storage

Packaging with PE- lined Kraft paper bags. Net weight 25kg per bag.Sealed packaging, storing in a cool and dry place, reasonable storage shelf life of this product is at least 2years.

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