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Texture Agent

Sand Texture Agent KC4700A

Fine granule texture agent, high purity. The texture has strong sense of bump, matte surface, smooth and good scratch resistance.Texture Agent
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Sand-like texture agent KC4700A  is a fluoropolymer, it can play a role of the physical separation, producing sand-like profile when added into powder coating It can also produce the coarse and fine surface of the sand-like texture the texture have a coarse sense the surface is matt smooth and scratch resistance. It is widely used in electrical instrument case, 

aluminum coating.

1. Technical parameters

Ø Appearance: white powder or fine particles

Ø Solid content: ≥ 99%

Ø Melting range: ≥ 200 ℃

2. Product feature

Ø Adding a little can provide perfect sand-like texture surface.

Ø Suitable for all types of powder coatings, including epoxy, epoxy / polyester, polyester / TGIC, polyester / hydroxyalkylamide other systems.

3. Usage 

Within adding to involve in extrusion, the dosage is 0.05%-0.2% of the total amount. According to the test, we can determine the best dosage. It can be used with the existence of organic bentonite, curing 

accelerator to adjust the thickness of sand-like profile size.

4. Packaging and storage

Cardboard drum package, net weight is 15kg. Sealed packaging is stored in a cool and dry place, the shelf life is at least 2 years in the reasonable 


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