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Pure polyester curing agent KC552 is composed of β-hydroxyalkyl amide. It is an excellent curing agent for pure polyester weather-resistant powder coatings.
This product can improve the anti-pollution performance of powder coatings, can effectively avoid problems such as shrinkage, pinhole and surface loss caused by system incompatibility, and is suitable for all kinds of powder coatings without affecting the chemical properties of the coating film.
It is suitable for polyester/epoxy mixed system with gloss above 10 degree.does not consume epoxy resin, has low cost of milling, does not contain wax, has plump and delicate surface, and has high reactivity.

●Main components: Acrylic resin and catalyst
●Technical parameters Appearance: light yellow powder
Bulk density: 450~550g/l
●Product features :Very little smoke from milling and baking, polyester/epoxy mixed system with gloss above 10° does not consume epoxy resin, milling low cost, no wax, plump and delicate surface, high reactivity, low temperature curing has little effect on gloss,However, it is necessary to strictly control the stability of the production material temperature.
●Usage method: Extrude inside, add 1~3.1% in combination with a proper amount of semi-chemical matting agent to improve the leveling performance of the coating film, extend powder storage time.

powder coating matting agent

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