polymer Curing Accelerator KC5210 for powder coating
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polymer Curing Accelerator KC5210 for powder coating

It can promote the ring-opening reaction of epoxy and carboxyl groups, with very low dosage, and antiyellowing.

Curing Accelerator KC5210

Product Description

Curing accelerator KC5210 is a special quaternary ammonium salt catalyst that can be used as an internal catalyst for carboxy polyester resins or as a curing accelerator to reduce the curing temperature or shorten the curing time of powder coatings.

1)Typical Properties:

Accelerate ring-opening polymerization of an epoxy group and carboxyl; Superb anti-yellowing with low dosage; Lower the curing temperature; Improve the curing reaction; Impact resistance.

2)Special Features and Benefits

The additive improves the curing effect. KC5210 has superb thermal stability and yellowing resistance.

Cost performance: Catalyze the curing reaction with low dosage.

3)Recommended Levels

0.05-0.1 % additive (as supplied) based on the total formulation when extruding with all formulation components.

The above-recommended levels can be used for orientation.

Optimal levels are determined through a series of laboratory tests.

4)Incorporation and Processing Instructions

The product should be mixed with the resin, hardener, pigments, and other additives using a high-speed mixer and extruded along with all components.

5)Packaging and storage

Polyethylene lined kraft paper bags, net weight 25kg per bag. The packaging is sealed, stored in a cool and dry place, and the shelf life is at least 1 year.


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