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Curing Agent

HAA Hardener For polyester weather resistant powder coating

Environmental product, substitute of TGIC. Fast curing, provide excellent outdoor application. The gel time longer than Primid XL552 for 20 seconds, easier to degas.
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KC552 pure polyester curing agent composited of β-hydroxyalkyl amides. It is the excellent curing agent of the pure polyester weather resistance powder coating, and it can also be used as curing agent for indoors carboxyl polyester, and the coating has a good performance. This product is a substitute for TGIC curing agent, with non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, fast curing and other advantages. This product has excellent outdoor performance and it is the real environment-friendly products.

1. Technical Parameters

Appearance: White fine powder                  Hydroxyl value:72-82 g/ Eq

Melting range:115-130℃                            Volatility:≤0.1%


KC552 pure polyester curing agent could cure carboxyl polyester which acid range of 20-70mgKOH/g,especially,30mgKOH/g, it should be better to cure under the condition of 180℃*15 min.

3. Recommended  formula







Leveling agent KC758


Titanium dioxide


Barium sulfate


Efficient degassing agent KC961


4. Precautions

Ø  This product is very sensitive to benzoin, it should avoid mixing benzoin with the product when preparing white or other powder coatings.

Ø  It should avoid contacting with water and moisture when using and storage, because it has a good solubility in water.

5. Package & Storage

Packaging with PE- lined Kraft paper bags. Net weight 25kg per bag.Sealed packaging, storing in a cool and dry place, reasonable storage shelf life of this product is at least 2years
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