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Curing Accelarator

Curing Accelerator

Used as curing accelerator for pure epoxy, hybrid, PES/TGIC powder coatings. Reduce curing temperature, shorten the curing time. Significantly improve the curing incomplete phenomenon, improve the plate impact performance
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The curing accelerator KC5210, a quaternary ammonium salt catalyst, could be used as carboxyl group-containing polyester resin inner-catalyst or the curing accelerator to reduce the curing temperature or time of powder coatings.

1. Technical Parameters

Ø  Active ingredient: Quaternary ammonium salt

Ø  Appearance: White crystal

Ø  Content: ≥99%

Ø  Melting range: ≥180℃

2. Product Properties

Ø  The curing accelerator KC5210 is suitable for the system of pure epoxy, epoxy/polyester and polyester/TGIC, and it has a better curing effect, thermal stability and resistance yellowing.

Ø  Low amount of the KC5210 could meet the curable requirement of generally powder coatings.

3. Dosage

The use level is 0.05~0.1% by weight based on total formula,Please according to the test to determine the specific amount.

4. Package & Storage   

Packaging with PE- lined Kraft paper bags. Net weight 25kg per bag.Sealed packaging, storing in a cool and dry place, reasonable storage shelf life of this product is at least 2 years.

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