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Powder Coating Addtives degassing agent


Degassing agent can prevent the formation of micro-bubbles in the paint and pinholes. Degassing agent in a high viscosity and high solids coatings systems is very important. For airless spray coating, degassing agents is particularly important. Silicone (polydimethylsiloxane), mineral oil, an organic polymer (polyether, polyacrylate), a modified polyorganosiloxane (e.g., polyether-modified polysiloxane) and fluorinated silicone resin so can be used as a degassing agent. 

In aqueous coating systems, foams often exist in two forms macroscopic and microscopic, usually manifested pinholes and bubbles in the dry paint film. Common macro large foam bubbles together to form a honeycomb structure, often with a smile microbubbles form a spherical bubble. 

For solvent-based coating systems, the microbubbles is a problem, small bubbles often pinholes in the film formed on the surface so that the bubbles rising in the channel formed in the film. Drying the coating process, the viscosity of the system increases, and the channel is still open, and is fixed in the paint film. Pinhole largely reduced protection coatings, such salts or moisture can penetrate the coating so that it can corrode the substrate. 

Is due to microbubbles in the coating or in the production or application of two-component paint mixed in the air involved in the formation of the coating, or with a chemical reaction process and by-product formation. Degassing agent microbubbles can be gathered into a big bubble, and a large bubble compared with microbubbles can quickly rise into the air interface.

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