What are The Curing Additives for Powder Coating?
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What are The Curing Additives for Powder Coating?

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What are The Curing Additives for Powder Coating?

Powder coating additives are compounds that are added to powder coating base materials to assist achieve different mechanical qualities. There are several crosslinking techniques and curing chemicals that may be used to enhance the polymerization process. Curing chemicals are sometimes absolutely necessary to achieve the final coating's properties. Learn what the importance of the polyester curing agent for your coating formulations is from the many crosslinking chemistries.

So let to answer for :

what is the importance of a polyester curing agent?

What products it can use as polyester curing agent?

What is the importance of a polyester curing agent?

In general, Powder coating additives must be present in the powder coating for an extended period of time in order for it to operate properly.  As a result, general additives should be suitable for various resins such as epoxy, polyester, acrylic, and so on. polyester curing agents mainly should have a good Compatibility with resins.

Typically, the approach used to assess the compatibility of these additives with resin is based on structural similarities. In the manufacture of powder coatings, for example, the key component is the leveling agent. It may minimize the difference in surface tension of the coating film, making the film more uniform, and removing porosity, resulting in a smooth and glossy surface for the cured coating film.

More specifically, additives-containing carriers, such as the E-12 carrier, cannot be used in a pure polyester system formulation. Furthermore, the regularly used M60 type chemical matting agent, which contains cyclic ether and polyacid, is only appropriate for the epoxy system. It has a negative impact on the film when used in other resins.

What products it can use as polyester curing agent?

1-Pure polyester curing agent TGIC

chemical composition is an isocyanuric acid triglyceride, a heterocyclic poly epoxy compound with good heat resistance, weather resistance, adhesion and excellent high-temperature resistance. Mainly used as a curing agent containing carboxyl polyester, carboxy acrylic resin powder coating, high purity TGIC can be used to manufacture electrical insulation laminates, adhesives, plastic stabilizers and so on.


2-Pure polyester curing agent HAA

Pure polyester curing agent KC552 is composed of β-hydroxyalkyl amide. It is an excellent curing agent for pure polyester weather-resistant powder coatings. It can also be used to cure indoor carboxyl polyesters, and the coating film has good performance. This product is a substitute for TGIC curing agent. It has the characteristics of low toxicity, non-irritating skin and fast curing speed. The powder coating produced has excellent outdoor performance and is a real green and environmentally friendly high-quality product.


3-Matting agent M60 for polyester/TGIC powder coatings

It is suitable for polyester/TGIC systems with gloss above 15 degrees. According to the quality of TGIC,

every 15-20 parts of M60 consumes one part of TGIC, with little smoke in milling and baking, excellent yellowing resistance and a delicate and plump surface.

An appropriate amount of filler can improve the matting effect, which would influence the leveling.

An appropriate amount of accelerator can improve the impact resistance, which would influence the gloss and leveling.


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