What Are The Matting Agents ?
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What Are The Matting Agents ?

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 What Are The Matting Agents ?

For powder coating manufacturing , there are many product lines of additives and the significant one is the matting agents, tho Why do we call them matting agent additives?  They are added to a formulation and they add additional properties: How to select the proper matting agents for powder coatings?   “How do they work” and “How select the proper matting agents for powder coatings”?  These are more difficult questions.

Why do we call them matting agent additives?

Modern coatings are complex formulas with thickeners, emulsifiers, dispersants, pigments, defoamers, leveling agents, curing catalysts and other additives.  These additives enhance the inherent properties of the resin. Here let to talk about matting agent additives for powder coating the main product line from Kingcham which is Gloss improvement from additives is generally a result of improved flow and leveling.  Even, the defect-free coating has a high distinctness of image (DOI)5 allowing one to see the gloss of the resin to its maximum effect.  Additive designers can also use flow and leveling agents with higher refractive indices which will give a higher gloss.

The lower the surface tension, the more powerful the flow and matting agent .  However, with great power sometimes comes great problems – to borrow a phrase from Spiderman.  Surface active agents are driven to all of the interfaces including gas/liquid, liquid/solid, etc.  This can cause many problems for formulators.

How to select the proper matting agents for powder coatings?

Texturing Agents provide consistent and uniform texture. Powder Tex fibrillates during the extrusion process, and has very high oil absorption and different amount of gloss. Have two types of matting agents based on uses which are indoor and outdoor mating agents for example :

1-Indoor Matting Agents M-21 is a Modified resin and catalyst Above 4° gloss, contains a small amount of wax, consumes epoxy resin E-12 ratio of 1:2.3, excellent

powder storage stability, full coating leveling.

2-Outdoor matting agents M-70 is a Modified resin and  catalyst For a pure polyester/TGIC system with gloss above 10°, the consumption ratio of TGIC is 1:20,

excellent anti-yellowing property, and extremely low baking smoke.

For or matting agent have collection with different functions and various  applications see at our products station .

In short,matting agents play a very important role in better meeting the needs of consumers.Anhui Kingcham New Materials Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that has been producing and processing various additive products for many years. We want consumers all over the world to experience our high-quality products.

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