Sand texture agent KC4700
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Sand texture agent KC4700

The sanding agent KC4700 is a special fluoropolymer that can be added to the powder to play a role in physical separation, matting and sand.has extremely high purity and is easy to disperse and weigh.

Sand texture agent KC4700

Product Description

The sanding agent KC4700 is a special fluoropolymer that can be added to the powder to play a role in physical separation, matting and sand.has extremely high purity and is easy to disperse and weigh. It can produce coarse sand grain and very delicate surface sand grain, The texture has strong convex and concave feeling, and the surface is dull, smooth and scratch resistant. Widely used in electrical instrument shell, aluminum alloy coating.

Sand texture agent KC4700 is a special fluorine-containing polymer, which can be used for physical separation, matting and sanding when added to the powder. It can produce coarse sand patterns and very fine surface sand patterns. Widely used in electrical instrument shell, aluminium alloy coating.

  1. Technical parameters

- Appearance: White fine particles

-Solid content: ≥ 99%

- Melting range: ≥ 200 ºC

2. The added amount is small, and the sand grain effect is good.

Suitable for various types of powder coatings, including epoxy, epoxy/polyester, polyester/TGIC, polyester/hydroxy alkyl amide and other systems.

3. Method of use

Add mixing and participate in extrusion, and the dosage is 0.05%-0.2% of the total amount. The specific dosage should be determined according to the test. It can be used with organic bentonite and a curing accelerator to adjust the size of a sand grain.

4. Packaging and storage Packed in cardboard drums, net weight 20kg per drum. The package is sealed and stored in a cool and dry place. The shelf life of reasonable storage is at least 2 years.

Waste Treatment

Type of waste General industrial solid waste Disposal method Dispose of by a professional waste disposal company. Do not pour into any sewer, ground, or any body of water. Do not mix with flammable solvents to burn.

Disposal Precautions All disposal operations must comply with local regulations. Regulations may vary in different regions. Waste identification and compliance with relevant regulations is entirely the sole responsibility of the waste generator.

As a supplier, we have no control over the management practices or manufacturing processes in the use and handling of this material by the user.

Transport information

Dangerous Goods No. No data available Packing group No data available Packing method Packed in a plastic bag inside, waterproof kraft paper bag for external use. Transportation Precautions The packaging should be complete and the loading should be secure at the time of departure. Make sure not to leak during transportation. It is strictly forbidden to mix and transport with oxidants, acids, etc. During transportation, avoid high-temperature exposure and rain.

Regulatory Information

Provisions for Safe Use of Chemicals in the Workplace

Occupational Exposure Limits for Hazardous Factors in the Workplace-Chemical Factors>> (GB 2.1) 3-Environmental Management Measures for New Chemical Substances

4-Solid Waste Pollution of the People's Republic of China Environmental Prevention Law.

5-Classification and Marking of Commonly Used Hazardous Chemicals (GB 13690)

6-Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals (List of Dangerous Goods )(GB 12268)

Material Safety Data Sheet : KC4700-Chinese.pdf KC4700-English.pdf
Technical Data Sheet : KC4700-Chinese.pdf KC4700-English.pdf


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