Powder Coating Technology
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Powder Coating Technology

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Powder Coating Technology

Powder coating is one of the latest developments in the chemical industry for the benefit and comfort of consumers. Compared with classic formulas, it differs in a number of positive properties, but also has some drawbacks that you need to know about.


Powder coating features

Powder coating finishing  

Dielectric properties

Anti-static properties

Powder coating features :

Powder coating has a number of positive aspects and has become a popular alternative to traditional painting methods. The main working reagent here is dispersed mixtures of various substances, more precisely, solid particles.

Removing the solvent from the paint composition gives such advantages as complete environmental safety and no risk of fire.

By varying the type and concentration of the dye, the manufacturer can influence the level  of features in powder coating by adding different kind of additives mainly to control the  adhesion, flow rate, and susceptibility to static electricity. The pigments in the powder product are the same as those in cans or cans of liquid mixtures.

Powder coating finishing  :

The chemical industry has perfected the production of powder coatings for application on non-metallic surfaces, including MDF. If the base of the coloring composition is epoxy, then deviations from the standard method of staining are completely unacceptable. Otherwise, color fastness and resistance to adverse weather factors will not be enough. But if all requirements are met, then the mechanical properties of the coating will be at the appropriate level. Unfortunately, epoxy paints can hardly be considered heat-resistant.

If you're looking for a finish that can be used outdoors and color retention is critical, polyester paint is worth using. When large amounts of acrylates are introduced into the dye mixture, the surface will be resistant to contact with alkali. Its appearance can be matte and glossy. These powder paints are widely in demand in machine building factories.

It turns out that the low-temperature variety of the dye mixture is in high demand from year to year, but so far the technologies have not been developed enough to gain great popularity. Polyurethane grades have a consistent luster and are mostly used for coating parts that are constantly subjected to heavy wear or friction. Its appearance resembles silk, and the chemical inertness is very high. Such compositions are not afraid of any weather conditions, or motor fuel, or mineral oils.

Annealed PVC powder paints are as soft as rubber. The lid layer is less susceptible to water even with the addition of detergent, and when placed on wire baskets in dishwashers, it stays looking good for a long time. Carefully selected composition allows the use of paint in contact with food and medicines.

Dielectric properties :

If dielectric properties are needed first of all, then polyvinyl butyral is used as a base. Paints created with it can play a protective and decorative role. The paint is resistant not only to electric current, but also to gasoline and corrosion.A mixture of this type is preferred for interior decoration of industrial facilities.

Anti-static properties:

The anti-static properties can be chosen quite flexibly. Technicians influence them with various additives, providing certain processing modes, as well as synthesizing film-forming agents with the target parameters.

Epoxy and polyester paint is thermosetting and mechanically resistant at the same time. But remember that ultraviolet rays can damage them. The chemical industry has also mastered the production of fluorescent dyes. Therefore, the choice of products is huge, but you should carefully read the composition of the paint before buying.

In short Powder coating, play a very important role in better meeting the needs of consumers.Anhui Kingcham New Materials Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that has been producing and processing various additive products for many years. We want consumers all over the world to experience our high-quality products.

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