Powder Coating Consists of What Components?
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Powder Coating Consists of What Components?

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Powder Coating Consists of What Components?

Only when know about powder coating we can chose the best powder coating contents in the market, let is to see what the powder coating consist?

Content list :


Curing agent


post Additives

Pigments for coloring



Powder coating contains resin at all times. The two most prevalent types of resin are epoxyand polyester. Either type is present in the coating.


Powder coating Additives are another crucial component of powder coating. There are numerous additives present, each providing a particular purpose. Some of these additives are used to provide a harder finish, while others produce a matting finish. The most well-known addition provided it  in Kingcham is benzoin, which is added to epoxy resin and reduces surface tension as well as melt viscosity. Other types of additives are as follows .

post Additives

Post additives are also an important component with additives because they prevent the powder from caking, yellowing, oxidant, and scratching effects. effects They are added after the powder has hardened and been broken up into little fragments.

Curing agent

Curing agents are used to increase the coating's longevity and solidify it. They are able to bond the covering usually post beyond Additives . When epoxies are included in the coating, dicyandiamide curing agents are utilized, while primid curing agents are used when polyesters are present. On sometimes, hybrid curing agents are utilized. Both dicyandiamide and primid curing agents are present in hybrid curing agents.

Pigments for coloring

Powder coating also contains tint pigments. They bring the color of the coating to life. The first type of pigment is inorganic, and the colors in this category are typically dull and pale. Organic colors are more brilliant than inorganic pigments.


Fillers, also known as Extenders, offer an extra layer of resilience to the coating. They also help to minimize glossiness used as biggest support for Additives to improve it is feature in final product of paint .


Kingcham is the leading global supplier of innovative powder coating additive companies that combine R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service.








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