Papermaking Lubricant Liquid
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Papermaking Lubricant Liquid

Papermaking Lubricant Liquid is suitable for the reaction sizing agent manufactured under the condition of medium alkaline (pH value 7.5 ~ 8.5). 

Papermaking Lubricant Liquid

Product Description

Lubricant Liquid is a white emulsion emulsified with alkyleneketone dimer and cationic surfactant as raw materials through homogenization process. It is suitable for the reaction sizing agent manufactured under the condition of medium alkaline (pH value 7.5 ~ 8.5). It can improve the whiteness, smoothness and evenness of the paper, and can significantly improve the printing adaptability and ink absorption of the paper, and adapt to the development of inkjet technology. At the same time reduce white water load, reduce energy consumption, improve the operating environment.

1)Technical Parameters

Appearance: White milky liquid

Solid content: 15%±1

ViscositymPa.s: ≤70

PH Value: 2-6

Ionicity:  Cationic

2)Recommended Use

The product used in the production of medium and high grade culture paper, photographic base paper, fruit bag paper, wrapping paper and paperboard.

3)Product Performance

Significantly improve paper strength, toughness, whiteness and opacity, good optical properties, chemical stability and printability;

Save fiber raw materials, reduce pulp consumption;

Cause it is made under alkaline conditions, it can reduce the corrosion of equipment and prolong the service life of net cloth and blanket;

Small foam, no dirt, clean the wet part system of the paper machine, improve the running performance of the paper machine.


The pH value of the net front box should be controlled between 7.5 and 8.5; When the Zeta potential of the fluidized box is between 3 and 5mv, the retention rate of the first passage and the sizing efficiency of AKD can be improved;

Reasonable temperature rise curve can improve the sizing efficiency and curing speed of AKD;

If it is found that sizing agent emulsion is stratified, thickened and a large amount of gas is released, it should be stopped immediately;

Add 30-50ppm fungicide in the slurry pool or white water at high temperature in summer;

Material Safety Data Sheet : MSDS-Papermaking Lubricant Liquid.pdf
Technical Data Sheet : TDS-Papermaking Lubricant Liquid.pdf


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