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Name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone Cross-linked
Abbreviation: PVPP, Cross-linked PVP or Crospovidone
CAS Number: 25249-54-1
Appearance (colour): White or slight yellow
PVPP is a highly cross-linked modification of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). Polyvinylpyrrolidone cross-linked (PVPP) exists as white or slight yellow, free flowing hydroscopic powder with odorless or faint smell, which is not soluble in water, alkali, acid and common organic reagents. PVPP swells easily in water and is able to complex with polypbenol, carboxylic acids and other compounds of low molecular weight.
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Brief Introduction of PVPP

Cross-linked PVP (PVPP) can be classified into two grades for food or pharmaceutical usage, and the food grade of PVPP also can be divided into both disposable and regenerable type, and the most advanced method is using "regenerable PVPP" for brewing and beverage industry. Meanwhile,  the pharmaceutical grade  also has two kind of different categores based on the size of its particle, that is separately PVPP-XL-10 and PVPP-XL.

Usage and Application

-In the biological pharmaceutical field, Polyvinylpyrrolidone cross-linked has good physiologic inertia and biological compatibility characteristics. It could be utilized as disintegration agent, medicine slow-releasing carrier, and so on. After PVPP absorb some water, it will make tablets or other forms of medicines bear very higher pressure, then disintegrate small incalculable grain. This will help to improve biological availability of body. 

-In the brewing and beverage industry, These reacts can route to the PVPP filter or via a holding pipe with the polyphenols in the beer, and finally the combined PVPP-polyphenol particles are filtered out in the extra filter. The advantage of this technique is that the filter cake from the PVPP filter can be washed with hot caustic, dissolving out most of the polyphenols, leaving PVPP particles behind that can then be recycled in the stabilization process. PVPP is expensive, so this re-use can be desirable, especially in large breweries, Some brewers use PVPP in the form of specially impregnated filter sheets that are used after the main beer clarification stage. Regardless, PVPP is not considered as an additive because it is always filtered out and not contained in the finished beer.


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