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Chemical name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone; Nickname: Povidone, PVP K90
CAS: 9003-39-8; Molecular formula: (C6H9NO) n
Molecular weight: 1000000-150000
Appearance:  a light flaky, white or off-white powder which readily absorbs up to 40% of its weight in atmospheric water.
PVPs are soluble in most organic solvents and are compatible with many modifiers and plasticizers.
PVP K90 is a light, thin, white or yellowish powder that easily absorbs up to 40% of its weight of water in the atmosphere. It is also a water-soluble polymer with good biological stability. Therefore, it has good applications in cosmetics, tissue engineering, biomedical engineering and other fields. PVP K90 is soluble in most organic solvents and compatible with many modifiers and plasticizers. As a film-forming agent, adhesive, complexing agent, adhesive, stabilizer, protective colloid, and suspending agent, it is widely used in oral care products, hair care mousse and hair gel, as well as skincare products.
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PVP K-90 is a hygroscopic, amorphous polymer supplied as a white, free-flowing powder or a clear aqueous solution.Available in several molecular weight grades, they are characterized by K-value, and used in a great variety of applicationsPvp can be plasticized with water and most common organic plasticizers. lt is considered to be physiologically inerts:

Applications take advantage of one or more properties inherent in the polymer, typically due to the lactam ring.High polarity and the resultant propensity to form complexes with hydrogen donors, such as phenols and carboxylic acids, as welas anionicdyes and inorganic salts.

Dispersancy, where components in a mixture are uniformly distributed through the use of polyvinylpyrrolidone.Hydrophilicity, where the substantial water solubility of polwinylpyrrolidone is its dominant feature and frequently a factor along with otherproperties valuable to numerous applications.

Adhesion, taking advantage of the hicher molecular weight polwinylpyrrolidones formulating in aqueous media, then evaporating suficientwater to generate a solid product for the desired application.Cohesivity, where cohesive strength is achieved through a variety of dry blending and granulation techniques.'yp is cross-inkable to a water insoluble. swelable materia either in the course of vinviyrolidone polvmerization. by addition of anappropriate multifunctional comonomer or by post-reaction, typically through hydrogen abstraction chemistry.

Home Care Features and Benefits

acts as rheology modifier

is a highly adhesive tablet binder

stabilizes emulsion and structures liquid products

provides anti-soil redeposition, enzyme stabilization and dye transfer inhibitionfunctions as binder and protective coating for enzymes

provides surface shine erhancement

forms hard, transparent, glossy films


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