Hardener or matting curing agent
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Hardener or matting curing agent

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Hardener or matting curing agent

Powder coating can be matted in the following ways: filler method, incompatible material precipitation method, powder dry mixing method, mixed resin or curing agent method, and network cross-penetration method, but the above matting method or can not meet the matting requirements, or the matting effect is unstable, or increase the production process, so it is difficult to popularize. And the extinction series of auxiliaries can use the existing production equipment and production process, easily to achieve the extinction effect, so it is widely used. According to the extinction mechanism, the matting agent can be divided into the physical matting agent and the chemical matting agent. According to the demand for gloss, the selection of the physical matting agent above 10 degrees is more economical and affordable, and the selection of the chemical matting agent below 10 degrees is more stable and reliable. 

Today, I mainly introduce the application of matting curing agents in powder coating. The mechanism of the extinction curing agent is to make use of the difference in reaction speed between two curing systems with different reaction activities and the difference in compatibility between the two reactions to form the extinction coating with a rough microscopic surface and poor reflection.

After M68 from Kingcham New Material is added to the epoxy resin powder, the more active cycloamidine first interacts with the epoxy group. One possibility is the additional reaction between secondary amines and epoxy groups; Another possibility is that at the same time, there is a catalytic reaction between the tertiary amine to the epoxy group so that the epoxy resin formed a pre-solidified film. However, due to the insufficient amount of cycloamidine, and can not make the resin layer fully cured, but there is still some fluidity. As the temperature rises, the hydroxyl group in the epoxy resin begins to react with the anhydride in the monosalt, causing it to open the ring to form hemiester acid, which is then further reacted with the epoxy group to form carboxydiester acid. At the same time, the tertiary amine on cycloamidine also promotes ring-opening for anhydride, further accelerating the reaction between anhydride and epoxy group. Due to the early curing action of cycloamidine, limiting the uniform shrinkage of late curing, destroying the microscopic flatness of the coating surface, resulting in the extinction effect.

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