Dry Strength Agent
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Dry Strength Agent

Dry Strength Agent is an amphoteric polyacrylamide reinforcing agent with a network structure.  

Dry Strength Agent

Product Description

Dry Strength Agent is an amphoteric polyacrylamide reinforcing agent with a network structure.  

The product is fully ionized in a wide PH range, which not only effectively improves the

hydrogen bonding force between the fibers, but also forms a more stable covalent bond

between the ionic groups. It significantly improves the tensile strength, annular compressive

strength, break resistance and interlayer bonding force of the paper, and also has the function

of helping filter and improving sizing efficiency. 

1)Technical Parameters

Appearance: Colorless to slightly turbid viscous liquid

Solid content: 15%±1

ViscositymPa.s: 4000-14000 (Rotary viscometer 25℃)

PH Value: 2-5 PH meter(1% water)

Ionicity:  Amphoteric

2)Recommended Use

The products are mainly used in box board paper, yarn tube base paper, high strength core paper and so on.

3)Recommended Levels

Dilute water 10-20 times and disperse evenly before adding into the slurry, adding the amount of 10-20 kg/ton paper or adjust according to the production needs;  

The addition position should be selected to be able to mix fully with the slurry, generally in the slurry tank or high box (before the slurry pump) to add.


Please use FRP, PVC, PE and other plastic or stainless steel for product storage tank, dilution tank and piping;  

This product is a slightly acidic substance, please rinse with plenty of tap water when touching skin and eyes;  

Please do not strayed into the mouth.

Material Safety Data Sheet : MSDS-Dry Strength Agent.pdf
Technical Data Sheet : TDS-Dry Strength Agent.pdf


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