Deepening the Integration of Production, Education and Research, Kingcham Sets Out Again
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Deepening the Integration of Production, Education and Research, Kingcham Sets Out Again

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Deepening the Integration of Production, Education and Research, Kingcham Sets Out Again

         On April 19, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his investigation and inspection at Tsinghua University: "First-class universities are the main force of basic research and the source of major scientific and technological breakthroughs. It is necessary to improve the healthy academic ecology as the A university innovation system based on the foundation, guaranteed by effective academic governance, and aimed at producing first-class academic achievements and cultivating first-class talents, has the courage to overcome the key core technologies of 'stuck neck', strengthens the in-depth integration of production, education and research, and promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements." Under the strong call of the general secretary and the high attention of Mr Xia Yiwen, general manager of Kingcham, on the afternoon of July 28, 2022, in order to deepen the integration of production, learning and research between the company and colleges and universities, and promote the implementation of research results, General Manager Xia was very excited. Mood, led the company's executives and R & D personnel to come to Xi'an, a national historical and cultural city known as the "Ancient Capital of Thirteen Dynasties". Construction University - Shaanxi Normal University has launched an in-depth research plan for industry-university-research cooperation and signed a corresponding technology research and development cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Normal University on behalf of Anhui Kingcham.


The signing ceremony included Mr Xia Yiwen, general manager of Anhui Kingcham  New Materials Co., Ltd., Ms Ding Li, assistant to the general manager, manager Zhu Qiming, and Dr Wang Zhengyun of the R&D team, as well as professors Yang Peng and Ren Hao from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Shaanxi Normal University.


At the signing site, General Manager Xia Yiwen made a detailed exposition of our company's basic situation, research and development direction and long-term strategic development plan. At the same time, he gave a comprehensive introduction to the contracted technology research and development cooperation projects and put forward future expectations; for Professor Yang Peng and Professor Ren Hao First of all, I extended a warm welcome to Mr Xia and his party, and then enthusiastically showed everyone the strong faculty of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Shaanxi Normal University, as well as the R&D direction and research results of the team led by him. During the visit, Anhui Kingcham and the representatives of Shaanxi Normal University had cordial and friendly communication, reached an agreement on the content and form of cooperation, and finally successfully signed the contract


Shaanxi Normal University is a key comprehensive normal university directly under the Ministry of Education. Its School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has two first-level disciplines of chemistry, chemical engineering and technology authorized for doctoral degrees. It also has a post-doctoral research station in chemistry and two scientific and technological innovation teams of the Ministry of Education. And 6 key scientific and technological innovation teams in Shaanxi Province and 4 provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories. Professor Yang Peng of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is a senior member of the Chinese Chemical Society, a doctoral supervisor and a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Level Talents -- National Leading Talents", the first batch of "Qin Chuangyuan Innovative Talents Plan-Strategic Science and Technology Talents" in Xixian New District in 2022, and their research results won the first prize in the 2021 Shaanxi Provincial Higher Education Science and Technology Award, and the team led by him is mainly engaged in the research of amyloid protein assembly and surface interface modification and has achieved fruitful research results.

Since its establishment in 2013, Anhui Kingcham New Material Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to the investment in scientific research and technology, adhering to the "quality, dignity starting point!". Prior to this, Anhui Kingcham has successively reached a series of industry-university-research cooperation projects with Tsinghua University and the University of Science and Technology of China. The technical research and development cooperation between Anhui Kingcham and Shaanxi Normal University aims to develop a new type of inorganic powder coating matting agent by leveraging the outstanding research results and strong research strength of Professor Yang Peng and his team in surface and interface modification. , enrich the company's product categories, enhance the company's core product competitiveness and comprehensive market competitiveness.

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