Customized White Anti-yellow Benzoin
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Customized White Anti-yellow Benzoin

Smoothing deaerator KC9500 is a synthetic microcrystalline wax. This product has good defoaming and degassing effect and anti-yellowing.

White Anti-yellow Benzoin

Product Description

Smoothing deaerator KC9500 is a synthetic microcrystalline wax. This product has good defoaming and degassing effect and anti-yellowing. It is an excellent defoamer and can also be used as a substitute for benzoin in powder coatings to improve its surface defects such as eliminating shrinkage craters and improving yellowing. It is also suitable for defoaming and degassing on porous surfaces such as cast iron.

It can reduce the melt viscosity of the system and absorb volatile small molecules in the coating to escape to achieve the degassing effect. At the same time, it can improve the surface leveling and fullness, and improve

the powder's wettability and dispersion of the substrate and pigments. This product has a high melting point, and the powder has good looseness and good anti-caking performance.

1)Reduce melt viscosity; Improve leveling;

Promote the lubrication of workpieces and fillings; High melting point;

Eliminate the air bubbles and holes; Base material: iron;

Scratch-resistant with appropriate addition; Anti-crater; Anti-yellowing; Anti-caking

2)Special Features and Benefits

Promote the sieving rate. Reduce melt viscosity to improve leveling Promote the lubrication of workpieces and fillings.

Product Description

3)Incorporation and Processing Instructions

The product should be mixed with the resin, hardener, pigments, and other additives using a high-speed mixer and extruded along with all components.

4)Recommended Levels

0.5-1.5% additive (as supplied) based on the total formulation when extruding with all formulation components. More dosage for lower gloss

The above-recommended levels can be used for orientation

Optimal levels are determined through a series of laboratory tests.

Material Safety Data Sheet : KC9500-Chinese.pdf kc9500-English.pdf
Technical Data Sheet : KC9500-Chinese.pdf KC9500-English.pdf


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