7 Stages of selecting the quality of powder coating additives products
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7 Stages of selecting the quality of powder coating additives products

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7 Stages of selecting the quality of powder coating additives products

Powder coating additives data is provided by the electrostatic field of a Kingcham company with the highest international standards in terms of processing technology and high quality.

Today our organization's production quota is about 20 tons/day (8 hours) and our machines can reach 7100 mm. The possibility of controlling any of the steps.

Main content :-

1. Prepare the powder coating

2. Testing  the powder coating and it is consist

3. Pre-reduction stage (degreasing, treatment, and central chrome plating)

4. Electrostatic field coating

5. polymerization of the drawing surface by polymer

6. Examination and monitoring

7.  Packaging

1)Prepare the powder coating

Formula after preparing powder coating additives and another consist, we go to mixing the main contents such as:


2-Curing agents


4-Post Additives

5-Tint Pigments


Mix it  in different percentages based on the international requirements and formulas of powder coatings ,and the final purpose of the coating product .next we need to test it to see the effect of powder coating additives.


2)Testing  the powder coating and it is consists:

1-Tests the powder coating additives and other coating consists.

If you are a chemist with appropriate laboratory equipment should be able to determine what the substance is and possibly test it. However, if you are a customer You may be able to obtain information about testing for these additives from the supplier with MSDS and TDS sheets.  and   consider all the approaches to monitoring your additives,

2-Test  the coating film

Usually, these steps being in the during production steps, so If you're a manufacturer follow the quality control requirements for your products approaches.

7 stage2

3) Pre-treatment stage - for the purpose of removing impurities and cleaning the surfaces to be subsequently, to obtain the highest quality final. This stage is carried out in 8 stainless steel pans - stainless steel and the plating process takes place.

7 stage 3

4)Coating by electrostatic field

There two ways for the coating test :

1-Manual Coating in the small plate ( 10*8*0.2 cm )

2-Machine coating

The piece is placed inside three automatic painting booths: two cabins contain 8 paint plates and one contains 10 paint palettes by hand. The automatic cabinets have computer programming technology to perform precise and complete surface coatings.

7 stage 4

5) Powder layer polymerization - polymerization treatment

The polymerization of the powder takes place in two box-type furnaces with automatic injection for thermal control: one with 8 lines and a length of 5.000 mm, and one with 6 lines and a length of 7,100 mm.

7 stages 5

6)Quality Control

a) Quality control receiving beams

It is carried out by visual inspection of the beams to identify possible protective defects

b) Quality check at the forefront

Chemical Centrality Monitoring and Inspection - QUALICOAT . Standard

Monitoring and testing of used water for purification

Visual examination after treatment steps

Verification of parameters - parameters - furnaces and air polymerization process

Visual inspection after polymerization process

c) Final Quality Standards:

1. - Visual appearance of painted surfaces (according to QUALICOAT instructions).

2. - glossiness (ISO 2813);

3. - thickness of the coating layer (ISO 2360);

4. - adhesion (according to EN ISO 2409);

5. - bending strength - folding (EN ISO 1519);

6. - resistance to knocks (according to EN ISO 6272 / ASTM D 2794);

7 - resistance to atmospheres containing sulfur dioxide (according to EN ISO 3231);

8 - resistance against exposure to acid spray (ISO 9227);

9. - resistance to accelerated wear (as defined by QUALICOAT instructions);

10. - resistance under normal conditions (ISO 2810);

11. - resistance to solvents (as specified in the QUALICOAT instructions);

12. - Mortar resistance (ASTM D 3260);

13. - Steam resistance (EN ISO 11341).

14. - Resistance to condensation (DIN 50017).

7 stage 6


we work on each product  piece of powder coating additives individually to ensure the quality of the painted surface. Also, in order to protect the additives products during transportation and work, a protective layer can be applied to all flat surfaces.

Mainly packing of powder coating additives being in  Polyethylene-lined kraft paper bags, each bag with a net weight of 25 kg, sealed and stored, please store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources, avoid direct sunlight, reasonable storage shelf life is 12 months.

Packing should be complete at departure and loading should be safe. Make sure there is no leakage during transportation.  It is strictly forbidden to  mix with oxidants, acids, etc. During transportation,  it is  necessary  to  prevent high-temperature exposure and rain.

In short, high-quality powder coating additives can bring consumers an experience beyond imagination, and forward-looking consumers will not miss it. Anhui Kingcham New Materials Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that has been producing and processing various types of powder coatings for many years. We will fully respect and value the feedback and opinions of consumers.7 stage7

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